okay so yesterday i went to do some artwork on the seaside, i was at the edge of the seaside where there the sea meet the land and
i was doing some spray paintings of people and things on these wooden boreds and i must of had my back turn because this american teens comes up to me and says THATS CRAP!and i just said nothing, then he said `` oi! you bas"$&^ i am talking to you!! and he kicks over my spray can and they begins to kicking my works and then i said get the F*£k of me and my work! and then i saw what this guy had in his hands, nails! in each knuckel!, his freinds said that hes going to give me some new air holes or give them my money and then they started laughing at me, i picked up the wooden bored i was working on and smacked him cross the face, he then fell in to the sea and i ran with all my art equipment being cased threw the streets of the barbecan, luckly i got away and saw a freind of mine