so i might get arrested...i guess you could say i posioned someone..

well lets start..i tricked this chavs that i was goin to posion them with turpin was so fustraigting and then they broke some of my art work!!....I WAS SO MAD!! i brang in two blue ink with powerade and blue turpin time.....i the plan was to switch them at the last moment and trick them to beliving they might die...i told my best freind what i was doing and he musta told them what happen was that before i could switch them the chavs thought it was the fake turpin time and stole it from me and lots of my stuff from my bag like my book!...when i found out, i saw it...the main chav came right up to me and drank it the turpin in front of me.....and said that my prank didnt didnt work true but atleast he then knew what he now wondering what happend to him now....he did deserve it!, proberly goin to have a fight tomorrow